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Redefining the Rheometer

Dec 19 2008

Malvern Instruments has recently launched Kinexus, the radical new rotational rheometer platform whose development has been shaped by extensive market research and a fresh approach to addressing the real needs of users. Designed entirely from the ground up, Kinexus redefines the rheometer. It enables users to spend less time learning how to interact with their system and more time investigating ways to characterise and enhance a material`s performance. Kinexus incorporates technological innovations in the most critical areas of rheometer
design, from sample preparation and loading, through measurement set-up and operation, to data analysis and reporting. Adaptive intelligence allows Kinexus to actively guide users at every stage.

Fully integrated into Malvern`s materials characterisation range, Kinexus delivers high performance measurement supported worldwide by experts in rheology applications, and informed by the company`s expertise in complex materials, including particulate, macromolecular and multiphase systems. Two systems will be available at launch – Kinexus pro, a high-end rheometer suitable for a wide variety
of routine and research applications, and Kinexus ultra, for even the most demanding low torque applications, such as weakly-structured and small volume sample measurements.

Kinexus is highly flexible and easy to expand, ready for further evolution as new applications emerge. A true applicationsled
interface revolutionises and eases user interaction, bringing `expert system` guidance and Standard Operating Procedure-driven processes to rheological measurement. At the same time a unique and intelligent sample loading system takes all the guesswork and error out of this fundamental and critically important process, for accurate results every time.

Central to Kinexus is rSpace, an intelligent software system that invites users to work at the level most appropriate to them.
Pivotal to the new technology integrated throughout the Kinexus rheometer is the rMotion drive. This dynamically optimised motor has a unique adaptive air bearing that automatically configures its operation according to test conditions. Across all material types rMotion allows Kinexus to capture the true material properties.

Newly-designed environmental controllers and geometries for Kinexus are truly `plug and play`, so setting up the rheometer to meet test requirements has never been easier. Results and analysis can be tailored specifically to a particular measurement, material type or application.

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