• New Generation Digital Motorised Torque Testing System

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New Generation Digital Motorised Torque Testing System

Sep 29 2016

Mecmesin has launched the first of a new generation of torque testers, with a focus on precision control. Its positional resolution of 0.1º means the Vortex-dV offers unparalleled control at the level of the most affordable entry-level systems.

Offered alongside the new range of MultiTest-dV tension and compression testers, the Vortex-dV shares the same sophisticated control electronics. A clear and stylish control panel comprises just four multifunctional operating buttons, a clear, bright colour display, and Mecmesin’s unique precision control wheel. This versatile wheel enables both ultra-fine drive spindle control, and rapid rotational repositioning. It also functions in quickly changing test parameters. The wheel is circled by coloured LED lights that indicate the test stand status at all times.

Select one of three test modes, and dial in speed and displacement in either or both directions, plus test cycling requirements. The Mecmesin AFTI torque indicator can provide torque limit control. Test speed is continuously variable from 0.1 rev/min to 30 rev/min, with a resolution of 0.01 rev/min and an accuracy of ±0.1% of indicated speed.

Three models are rated at 1.5 N.m, 3 N.m, 6 N.m and 10 N.m respectively. With an extensive range of standard grips and fixtures, the Vortex-dV is a robust and versatile testing platform for a wide range of routine testing.

Suitable for:

  • caps and closure testing, including child-resistant closures (CRC)
  • screw-fit cosmetics packaging
  • valves and rotary controls
  • screw fastenings
  • hinges, handles and springs
  • rotating component parts

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