• New Incubated  Laboratory Shaker with  Fluorescent Lighting.

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New Incubated Laboratory Shaker with Fluorescent Lighting.

Jul 20 2006

Designed to meet the latest requirements in today's modern laboratories for accurate, reproducible and controllable environments for cell culture. This new floor standing chest style shaking incubator has recently been introduced by Medline (UK) Ltd.

The unit is fully programmable and offers a working temperature range from +4°c - 60°c at up to 80% humidity. A glass viewing port in the lid allows for internal inspection of the shaker whilst the experiment is in progress, without disrupting the preset conditions. In addition when the lid is opened the motion is automatically cut off and bought to a rapid stop.

The fluorescent lighting is contained within the lid and separated from the incubated chamber via a glass panel to ensure that the lighting does not affect the accuracy of the temperature control provided to the samples whilst shaking. This chamber in turn then has two fans to disperse the heat to ensure there is no long term heat build up within the lid which in turn could affect the set temperature of the sample chamber.

The unit uses a 2 stage fully programmable microprocessor controller that allows for full control of all functions. The primary component controls both speed and temperature with a maximum total run time of 999 hr 59 min 59 sec. The second component controls count down time to finish or count up to start of program, forward and reverse motion with pauses between directions if required with a maximum duration for each direction prior to change being 59 min 59 sec and the minimum 10 sec. The unit is driven by a powerful brushless DC motor with feed back control to ensure accurate and reproducible reciprocal and orbital motion with a frequency range of 10 300 rpm with an accuracy of +/- 1 rpm. The operator can easily change between motions using a novel platform attachment system to the 2 part drive mechanism one setting being used for reciprocal the other for orbital. The amplitude is variable with choices of 30, 40, 50, 60 & 70mm available with 30mm being the factory preset. The maximum capacity of the platform is 39 x 250ml Erlenmeyer flasks and is capable of accepting flask sizes from 50 to 2000ml.

The platform is attached by 4 screws which allows for easy access and changeover if required. The unit also has an RS232 interface connection which allows for the Lab trace software which can both control and monitor the unit whilst in operation.

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