• Unique Product Provides Protection from Air-borne Pathogens and Enhances Face-to-Face Communication

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Unique Product Provides Protection from Air-borne Pathogens and Enhances Face-to-Face Communication

Sep 28 2020

When the Melaphone® Speech Unit was designed 50 years ago for the booking offices at British Rail stations, nobody could have predicted that half a century later it would suddenly be in such high demand.

The current Corona Virus Pandemic had created an urgent need for all protective equipment - both for personal use and in the working environment. This is the reason the Melaphone® has come into its own again. Its unique design, with its resonating membrane and air-sealed construction, make it the ideal device to install in any situation where face-to-face communication occurs. It not only offers protection from air-borne viruses and pathogens, it also enhances and clarifies the frequently muffled sound when people speak through a screen. Its protective credentials have been certified to ISO 16555 Class 5 - indeed, it has often been specified by architects and designers for use in hospitals, laboratories and cleanrooms or anywhere hygiene is of paramount importance. It is a simple but really ingenious invention which requires no servicing, wiring or electrical supply. And it is very easy to keep clean and safe with an antiseptic wipe.

The Melaphone® has now been built into the new Defender Virus Screens produced by the company and numerous doctors’ surgeries, medical centres, clinics and pharmacies in the UK have had these screens installed with considerable success and approval. The screens are individually made and every component is of the highest quality, giving a clean, sleek and professional appearance in any health-care environment.

The Melaphone® is still available as a stand-alone unit for installation into walls, glass or plastic screens, windows or doors. It can easily be retro-fitted into existing structures and requires no special skill to install. The range has also been expanded to meet the growing demand for the units. In addition to the original brushed aluminium model there is a stainless steel model, a white powder-coated aluminium model and the newest and highly successful Himacs acrylic-resin model, which is at a very popular price.

All of these models are available from stock and can be purchased from Melaphone VisAudio.

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