• Unique Laboratory Automation Device Unveiled at ACHEMA 2022
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Unique Laboratory Automation Device Unveiled at ACHEMA 2022

Sep 14 2022

m360, the brand in charge of leading custom solutions and innovations from Memmert GmbH + Co KG, presented its latest answer to the modernisation and automation needs of research labs and commercial facilities at ACHEMA 2022.

Only one made of its kind

The device is a unique variant of the standard Memmert constant chamber HPPeco series. It is a HPP450eco inside a Memmert climate chamber ICH housing. This is a one-of-a-kind product whose design, size, accessories, and abilities are separate from all other standard Memmert devices. The close collaboration with customers in building such devices from the ground up, aimed at solving specific questions, allow m360 to grow from project to project, each distinctive from the other.

Diverse features of the device

In the case of the m360 constant climate chamber HPP450eco laboratory automation device, it comes with a universal holder for multiple test tubes, petri dishes, square bottles, and round bottles. The samples are transported by a collaborative robot (cobot) into and out of the working chamber of the HPP450eco. Inside, there is a 32-plate conveyor belt which ensures proper placement and movement of samples. The parameters within the control of the user are temperature, humidity, and light, with a wide colour spectrum of cold, warm, RGB and UV-A, to properly control and test samples. The user can monitor and control the process with a tablet.

Benefits for users with laboratory automation

The device seamlessly integrates into an existing laboratory ecosystem. The m360 team aims to solve the productivity of workplaces by allowing users to take on more creative tasks while the cobot and HPP450eco device manage the routine, monotonous operations. This premium device ensures safety, reliability, long-lasting lifespan as well as robust, stainless steel build quality.

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