• New detergent line for enhanced virus inactivation and compliance

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New detergent line for enhanced virus inactivation and compliance

Nov 08 2023

Merck, a leading science and technology company, has introduced its innovative Deviron™ detergent portfolio. This new line of detergents is designed to be more effective than conventional virus inactivation methods and to facilitate compliance with evolving regulatory standards.

Virus inactivation plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of pharmaceutical molecules by eliminating the risk of viral contamination. Detergent treatments disrupt the lipid membrane of enveloped viruses, leading to their inactivation, a pivotal step in viral clearance.

For many years, Triton™ X-100 has been a widely used and highly effective detergent for virus inactivation and cell lysis. However, the European Commission prohibited the unauthorised use of Triton™ X-100 detergent in the European Union from January 2021 due to its listing in REACH Annex XIV in 2017.

Merck's Deviron detergents are among the first REACH-compliant alternatives available for Triton™ X-100. These detergents demonstrated a 74% degradation within 28 days according to the OECD 301B CO2 Evolution Test 

Merck's Emprove® Evolve program offers comprehensive documentation for high-quality raw materials like the Deviron™ C16 detergent, which is used in the early stages of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. This documentation aids customers in conducting quality risk assessments and complying with evolving regulatory requirements for critical raw materials.

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