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Digital Methods for Automatic Density Measurement

Mar 12 2020

Manual methods like pycnometers and hydrometers are widely used for the determination of density and related values, e.g. specific gravity, alcohol %, BRIX°, API degrees, Baumé, Plato, etc. These methods require a high level of expertise in every step of the manual operation. However different operators will obtain different results for the sample which affects the reliability of the results.

Digital density meters increase the accuracy and reliability of results by using oscillation tube technology. This can be further enhanced by the addition of a built-in Peltier thermostat to control the temperature of the sample. Measurements are started by a touch of a button, with results appearing on the screen, which can then be printed or exported to LIMS.

The key advantages of digital density meters are higher accuracy, repeatability and time savings. These lead to improved efficiency, higher throughput, and trustworthy data quality.

Designed to bring simplicity to your operation, the compact Mettler Toledo EasyPlus density meters are suitable for a variety of industries whether in your lab or near your production line. With an accuracy of up to 4 decimal places and fast automatic temperature control, the instruments comply with your industry standards. Make the step into automatic digital density measurement, and contact us to learn how you can save time, increase accuracy and improve repeatability with operator independent results.

For further information call 0116 234 5095 or email enquire.mtuk@mt.com.

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