• Rapid and Accurate Detection of Norovirus

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Rapid and Accurate Detection of Norovirus

Apr 21 2012

Microgen Bioproducts has extended the Company’s range of rapid immunochromatographic tests for the leading causes of viral gastroenteritis by releasing the rapid and accurate Noroscreen. Noroscreen is a rapid, sensitive and specific, one-step cassette that detects and differentiates Norovirus Genogroup I and Genogroup II in faecal samples within 15 minutes.

Noroscreen is very easy-to-use: remove the sample probe from the preparation device and coat liberally with the sample (faeces), replace probe in vial and shake; allow mixture to stand for three minutes; snap top from preparation device and invert. Add two drops to sample well of test cassette; and leave the test at room temperature and read the results within 15 minutes.

Advantages include: results within 15 minutes (no incubation); detects and differentiates Genogroup I and Genogroup II; one-step assay; no need to add additional conjugates or substrates; and high sensitivity (95.65%) and specificity (91.67%). The ease-of-use and accuracy of Noroscreen makes the test a valuable addition to the testing regime
when rapid demonstration of Norovirus is required, for examples; patient isolation policy or prior to admission.

Noroscreen complements the range of products for the detection of Rotavirus and Adenovirus from Microgen
Bioproducts. The range includes an immunochromatographic cassette and dipstick, an enzyme-immunoassay and a
rapid latex agglutination test for the detection of Rotavirus and Adenovirus from faecal samples.

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