• Fast, Lab-Accurate Water Analysis in a Handheld Instrument

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Fast, Lab-Accurate Water Analysis in a Handheld Instrument

Jun 26 2023

Ultrameter II instruments provide a comprehensive suite of in-situ water quality analysis tools that can replace more costly and less convenient laboratory equipment.

A true, one-handed instrument, model 4P delivers Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, and Temperature readings quickly and easily with autoranging capabilities resulting in increased reading resolution across a broad range of applications.

The 4P also features three preprogrammed solution models: KCl; NaCl; and Myron L’s own 442 Natural Water™ Standard. Setting the instrument to the solution model that most closely matches the constituents of the analyte yields more accurate results than instrumentation programmed to a single standard. A User mode can also be programmed when sampling a known solution. The result is benchtop accuracy of ±1% of reading in a handheld instrument.

And the 4P is IP67 dust-tight and waterproof, NEMA 6 submersible, and buoyant. Wireless data transfer is possible with bluDock™ option.

Model 6PFCE includes all features of the 4P but adds the ability to measure pH, ORP, and Free Chlorine Equivalent (FCE™).

pH readings are temperature compensated; you can choose to perform a 1-, 2-, or 3-point calibration depending on the range of samples measured to achieve ±.01 pH accuracy. The pH sensor is of a proprietary construction and includes a large potassium chloride solution reservoir for long life.

ORP measurements utilise a 99.9% pure platinum electrode and a reference junction that is shared with the pH sensor. ORP accuracy achieved is ±1 millivolt.

In addition, the 6PFCE features a groundbreaking new way to determine Free Available Chlorine. Get empirical measurements of the chemical activity of a solution without the hassle and subjectivity of colorimetric and test-strip methods. The FCE function is the fast, accurate way to determine the killing power of free chlorine species in water. It employs a proprietary predictive ORP algorithm to determine free available chlorine levels at the actual pH of water, so you know your chlorine treatment is effective.

Calibration and maintenance are simple, and 6PFCE pH sensors are user replaceable making both Ultrameter II models user serviceable.

Live expert technical support is included for the life of all Myron L instrumentation.

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