• One Compact Instrument for all your Water Quality Management Needs
    Myron L Company's 900 Series™ Monitor/Controller.

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One Compact Instrument for all your Water Quality Management Needs

Jul 07 2022

Whether in industrial, commercial or municipal locations, Myron L’s 900 Series provides a comprehensive solution to simplify water quality management in a single, compact instrument. This 1/4 DIN, user-intuitive instrument can simultaneously monitor 7 critical water quality parameters: 2 Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS/Salinity; 1 pre-amplified pH/ORP; 1 BNC pH/ORP; 1 0-20/4-20 mA; 1 RTD Temperature; and 1 Flow/Pulse. % Rejection is available as a derived value.

The 900 Series’ outputs include up to 3 relays; 2 remote alarms; 1 0-20/4-20 mA; 1 0-5/0-10 VDC; and 1 RS-485 ASCII Serial Output. Relays output to any user-supplied control equipment requiring up to 250V each and can trigger on any input parameter. 0-5/0-10 VDC can be scaled to optimise resolution and can output to a recorder, PLC, SCADA system, etc. 0-1 VDC is possible with optional resistor. The 0-20/4-20 mA output can transmit a signal for any input parameter.

A loss of flow condition will disable all relay outputs when a flow switch is installed and connected to the 900. 0-20/4-20 mA input allows user-defined 0 to full scale values and units of measure for a wide array of sensor types. User-specified hysteresis value prevents chatter or let the 900 Series automatically determine it for you.

Configuration is simple with easy-to-follow on-screen prompts; the brightly coloured red, yellow, or blue LCD background instantly alerts the user to the solution status. It is extremely simple to perform both electronic and wet calibrations. The Administrator and Operator password protection levels prevent unwanted tampering.

In addition, users can rely on Myron L’s first-class technical support for the instrument’s full lifetime.

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