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CellGard NU-480 Biological Safety Cabinet

Mar 20 2009

The new CellGard NU-480 Laminar Flow Class II, Biological Safety Cabinet features the unique TOUCHLINK Electronic Airflow Control System that monitors and controls all cabinet functions. The control system is a selfcontained micro-processor module that performs the following functions: Controls blower motor; monitors, displays and controls interior downflow and inflow velocities; monitors for high or low airflow alarm conditions; real time clock display and timer functions; controls lights and outlets; control system automatically compensates for filter loading; voltage variances and other environmental effects; remote contact outputs for interaction with HVAC systems, energy saving night setback mode, window, ultraviolet light, and auxiliary alarms; optional chart recorder outputs; and complete diagnostic functions.

The NU-480 has several new ergonomically designed features for user comfort and adjustability: The new design gives you more leg room, the service valves have been staggered on the sidewalls making them easily accessible, ergonomically placed armrest on the front of the cabinet, foam armrest pads are available for users comfort; and a base stand or base storage cabinet can accommodate the adjustable hydraulic lift to raise or lower the work surface within an eight inch range.

NuAire’s engineering team has designed an exclusive Auto Decontamination Cycle for the CellGard NU- 480. The 10-degree sloped window ensures that the work area is completely sealed during this process. The TOUCHLINK system provides step-step instructions to aid in proper Decon techniques.

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