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CO2 AutoFlow Incubators - Glacier Ultralow Freezer’s - Polypropylene Products

Feb 16 2012

CO2 AutoFlow Incubators offer the highest level of performance and dependability for optimum growth conditions, designed with the most advanced features available for research and laboratory work. The HEPA filtration system creates ISO Class 5 air quality inside the chamber, ensuring Constant Contamination Control (C3) for a dependable environment - we help your research grow.

Glacier Ultralow Freezer’s insulation system withstands extremely low temperatures; the multipoint gasket seal, heated door seals and insulated inner doors minimise the potential for frost build up. The technologically advanced  compressor ensures low power consumption and uniform temperature stability, significantly reducing sample loss. Constructed of heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel which conducts temperature more efficiently than stainless steel, creating less stress on compressors they run cooler and last longer, with a quiet 47 dba operation; RoHS compliant and CFCfree, easy to maintain and less costly. With NuAire you can store your research in confidence.

Polypropylene Products for the laboratory, including vertical laminar flow fume hoods, conventional and by-pass fume hoods, 100% polypropylene casework, acid storage cabinets, counter tops and accessories. The totally seamwelded fabrication process withstands highly corrosive agents, possesses excellent chemical resistance to organic solvents, degreasing agents and electrolytic attack. Certified to SEFA 1-1992 and meet ASHRAE Standard 110-1995 requirements. >>Learn More<<

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