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Energy Saving Biological Safety Cabinets

Jun 08 2011

With over 100,000 Biological Safety Cabinets located throughout the world, NuAire is pleased to announce the availability of CellGard ES (Energy Saver) models NU-475 and NU-480 Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets available in four widths (3ft., 4ft., 5ft. & 6ft.). The CellGard ES cabinets are modeled after NuAire’s highly recognized LabGard ES series of Biological Safety Cabinets, however the CellGard ES models feature a 10 degree sloped sash. The CellGard ES is ergonomically designed for user comfort and adjustability, eliminating awkward posture, staggered service valves on the sidewalls making them easily accessible, relieving arm, neck and shoulder strain, frameless polished edge windows offering greater visibility, better sight lines, reducing eye fatigue. Ergonomic Chair, Footrest, and Motorized Base Stands to raise or lower the work surface within an eight inch range to alleviate bodily strain and increase safety conditions for laboratory professionals. Optional glass sidewalls increase visibility in educational settings, as well.

The CellGard ES family of Biological Safety Cabinets are engineered using Direct Current, Electronically Commutated Motors (DC-ECM), providing distinct energy saving characteristics. Internal exhaust damper, motor speed controller, and an optimally determined forward curve fan, all combined decreases energy consumption, facilities’ operating costs, noise, and vibration. The DC-ECM motor operates at a constant airflow, increasing the life of your HEPA filter, which handles up to a 250% pressure drop when in operation. The CellGard ES series includes NuAire’s exclusive HEPEX Zero-Leak airflow system, which improves lab safety by surrounding the cabinet’s plenum with negative air pressure.

The vertical sliding window is encased in a frame that opens an additional 30° to aid in cleaning behind the sash. The window is compatible with NuAire’s exclusive DECON 101 System to ensure a gas tight seal during decontamination procedures.

CellGard ES NU-475 is NuAire’s economy Biological Safety Cabinet with a simple rocker-switch control panel, controlling the blower/motor, lights, outlet(s), Minihelic pressure gauge, audible and visual window alarms. The CellGard ES NU-480 has our TouchLink Electronic Airflow Control System a self-contained micro-processor module control system which monitors and controls all cabinet functions, along with complete diagnostic functions.

Clinical laboratories and life science facilities alike will appreciate NuAire’s ability to custom design safety cabinets to their facilities exact needs and requirements.

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