• Ergonomically Correct. Environmentally Safe.

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Ergonomically Correct. Environmentally Safe.

Apr 02 2014

Ergonomically Correct and environmentally safe Biological Safety Cabinets manufactured by NuAire®, LabGard® ES and CellGard™ ES Class II Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC’s) are designed with Energy Saver (ES) Technology for low operational costs. NuAire’s DC/ECM motor technology decreases energy consumption, extends filter life, and lowers noise and vibration. Combined with a correctly sized forward curved fan for each model/size, large HEPA filters with more filter media, and the HEPEX™ Zero Leak Airflow system for true laminar airflow; NuAire® Class II BSC’s offer the lowest total cost of ownership over the product’s lifespan. 

Construction – Both LabGard® and CellGard™ are constructed of 16 gauge, type 304 stainless steel to ensure long product life. LabGard® is constructed as a single shell piece eliminating potential leaks. The CellGard™ features a 10° vertical sliding window, encased in a frame that opens an additional 30° to aid in cleaning behind the sash.

TouchLink™ Electronic Control System (ECS) – TouchLink™ is an easy to use 145mm touch screen LCD that controls cabinet functions: On/off functions for fluorescent and germicidal ultraviolet lights, blower motor, and interior outlets. Monitors high/low limits for down-flow, inflow, and sliding window position. The password protected TouchLink™ also contains a date/clock display and timer functions that can be used as a laboratory timer, purge timer, outlet timer, UV light timer, and/or auto-run timer. TouchLink™ also features intelliflow™ airflow sensor technology and the nitecare™ night setback program. intelliflow™ uses the same thermal anemometer technology used by service technicians to annually verify your BSC’s airflow performance. intelliflow™ maintains and controls real time airflow to provide true constant laminar airflow. nitecare™ provides an overnight sterile environment while lowering energy costs. TouchLink™ contains diagnostic functions for a trained service technician or certifier.

DECON 101 – CellGard™ ES features a unique method to inactivate/destroy infectious agents or neutralize toxic agents. This system uses formalin or liquid formaldehyde as the disinfectant agent and liquid ammonia as the neutralizing agent. The system is comprise of a vaporizer, exhaust canopy, vapor collection cartridge, and four (4) window clamps to insure a gas tight window seal. Activation can be automatic using the TouchLink™ ECS or done manually. 

Ergonomics – NuAire® BSC’s are designed to be ergonomically correct. The cabinet maximizes knee/thigh clearance to improve posture and the adjustable base stand allows optimization for leg and forearm support. Cabinets incorporate cool white lighting and frameless polished edge windows to allow for greater visibility and better sight lines. Proper forearm support offers comfort and safety. NuAire® BSC’s provides the largest effective work zone that helps reduce arm/neck/shoulder strain. NuAire® offers ergonomic accessories to increase user productivity and comfort: an ergonomically designed laboratory chair and footrest offer proper leg position and back support; elbow rests improve forearm support and keeps arms off front air grill; disposable armrest pads offer elbow comfort; a stainless steel turntable in the work zone can extend reach up to 305mm dismissing hard to reach corners.

LabGard® ES and CellGard™ ES BSC’s provide long-term reliability; outstanding performance; superior quality; with cost saving technologies. NuAire® energy efficient type A2 BSC’s are backed by an international 6 year limited parts warranty that includes filters.

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