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Experience Constant Contamination Control (C3)

Sep 07 2011

NuAire offers both Direct Heat and Water Jacket CO2 AutoFlow Incubators that assure the highest level of performance and dependability for optimum growth conditions. The chamber provides an environment for the storage and preservation of embryos, gametes and animal tissue cell cultures at or near body temperature. NuAire’s AutoFlow incubators are designed with the most advanced features available for cell culture research and laboratory work.

When designing a CO2 Incubator, NuAire is aware of the other important factors that affect cell growth: Incubator location within the laboratory, continuity of an electrical power source, air quality within the incubator, laboratory contamination, vibration, and routine cleaning and maintenance. Our AutoFlow Incubators feature precise CO2, temperature, and relative humidity control to promote cell culture growth as well as control mechanisms to prevent contamination within the growth chamber. We utilize a programmable microprocessor-based, non-dispersive, digital solid-state infrared [IR] CO2 sensor. This advanced design provides a stable, drift-free output requiring less frequent calibrations, makes necessary corrections to the chamber environment, and supports faster recovery times. The unique Closed Loop HEPA filtration system creates an ISO Class 5 air quality inside the chamber, creating Constant Contamination Control (C3) for a dependable contamination-free environment for cell culture research work.

AutoFlow Incubators provide dual temperature sensor probes where appropriate, solid-state analyzers, multiple HEPA filtration systems, status alarms / outputs, and heavy-duty leg levelers to minimize vibration, creating a dependable, long-lasting scientific instrument.

NuAire’s NU-5510 DHD Autoflow Direct Heat CO2 Incubator offers features not found in any other incubator. The interior chamber is maintained at positive pressure similar to an ISO Class 5 Clean Room to control airborne contaminants. Dual sterilization cycles, 95°C humidified decontamination and 145°C dry sterilization, are useful for cell line changes and/or when working with hazardous agents.

Additional shelves, RS-232 communication output, inner Lexan® doors, multi-signal analog outputs, tank switches, chart recorders, and moveable platforms are just a few of the available options and accessories
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