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Experience Constant Contamination Control (C3)

Jul 25 2012

NuAire knows that the design of a CO2 incubator is critical to cell culture growth. A properly designed CO2 incubator must feature precise CO2, temperature and relative humidity control to promote cell culture growth as well as control mechanisms to prevent contamination within the growth chamber. The AutoFlow Incubator utilises a digital, solid-state programmable microprocessor infrared [IR] CO2 sensor which makes the necessary corrections to the chamber environment, supporting quicker recovery times. The interior chamber walls are lined with high tech R5 insulation for temperature stability and energy efficiency. Utilising a 99.99% HEPA filtration system, a Class 100 air quality is achieved inside the work chamber; maintaining at a positive pressure similar to an ISO Class 5 Cleanroom, creating the Constant Contamination Control (C3) system for a dependable environment. Through design and proper incubator technology, we can help your research grow.

NuAire’s LabGard ES and CellGard ES with a 10% sloped window– Class II, Type A2 BSC’s offer maximum personnel, product and environmental protection. DC/ECM motor consumes less energy, minimises vibration and noise. Oversized HEPA filters, optimally determined forward curved fans, and HEPEX System ensure uniform airflow and proper filter loading increasing filter life, these Energy Saving technologies combined, lowers the operational costs and total lifetime cost of ownership.

Ergonomically designed, providing maximum knee clearance improving proper posture. The frameless polished edge window provides greater visibility and better sight lines into the work zone area, cool white lighting decreases glare, helping to eliminate eye fatigue. Staggered sidewall service valves also contribute to reducing neck and shoulder strain, designed with the ergonomic needs of the user.

Polypropylene Products for the laboratory, including vertical laminar flow fume hoods, conventional and by-pass fume hoods, 100% polypropylene casework, acid storage cabinets, counter tops and accessories. The totally seam-welded fabrication process withstands highly corrosive agents, possesses excellent chemical resistance to organic solvents, degreasing agents and electrolytic attack. Certified to SEFA 1-1992 and meet ASHRAE Standard 110-1995 requirements.

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