• Improved Principals of the Biological Safety Cabinet Design

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Improved Principals of the Biological Safety Cabinet Design

May 05 2009

The new CellGard NU-480 Laminar Flow Class II, BSC features the unique TouchLink Electronic Airflow Control System, a microprocessor module that establishes and maintains an optimum balance between the supply air system and exhaust air system through constant monitoring of airflow, using a digital dual thermistor airflow sensor and a digital differential velocity pressure flow grid. The information is received by the Electronic Control System to control both down flow and exhaust flow. The system maintains a complete diagnostic function and has remote contacts for sensing of various functions.

CellGard™ Decontamination Process - Decon 101, is a unique method to inactivate, destroy and neutralize toxic and infectious agents. This system uses formalin or liquid formaldehyde as the disinfectant agent and liquid ammonia as the neutralizing agent. The system is comprised of the Vaporizer, the Exhaust Canopy, with Vapor Collection Cartage and four [4] window clamps to insure a gas tight window seal. Activation of the system can be automatic using TouchLinkTM or done manually.

The NU-480™ front hinged panel opens 30° for ease of manual cleaning. Optional Glass Side Walls which allows better viewing for Teaching and Educational Labs. Numerous ergonomically designed features for user comfort and adjustability: The new design gives you more leg room, service valves have been staggered on the sidewalls making them easily accessible and the base stand or base storage cabinet can accommodate an adjustable hydraulic lift to raise or lower the work surface to a full eight inches.

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