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NuAire® Biological Safety Cabinets – The Safer Choice for your Laboratory

Dec 02 2015

The LabGard® ES (Energy Saver) NU-540 and NU-543 Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets offer Personnel, Product, and Environmental Protection through the use of quality design, an ultra-high efficiency motor, and longer lasting filters.

The NuAire® design is a single piece of type 304 stainless steel. A stainless steel wrap makes up the walls, stainless steel sheets are welded in place to make up the top and bottom, and a wrap featuring coved interior corners is welded in place to make up the back wall of the cabinet improving the cabinets’ integrity by creating a double sidewall. New work tray supports help minimise the vibration transfer from the shell of the cabinet to the work zone. The end result is a monolithic shell of 100% stainless steel without the use of silicone like many multi-piece cabinets. This provides you with a solid foundation for a safer cabinet eliminating potential leaks.                                                                               

The NU-540 has the AeroMax Electronic Control System (ECS), which monitors and displays airflow system performance. NuAire’s commitment to safety doesn’t stop at meeting industry standards, dynamic tests to push the limits of our product’s performance are done to ensure laboratory personnel will remain safe. Automatic Airflow Compensation - the Ultra High Efficiency Motor automatically increases or decreases speed to maintain proper airflow settings based on readings from AeroMax ECS.

The NU-543 utilises the FlowGard control system, with a dual thermistor airflow sensor (intelliflow™) to monitor the cabinet’s airflow performance. The FlowGard control system also integrates an Ultra High Efficiency Motor/Blower that provides automatic compensation for both filter loading and line voltage variances, as well as controling the motor/blower, visible light, UV light (optional), outlet(s), alarms, and the sliding window position via micro switches.

The LabGard® ES AIR NU-543 offers the latest digital microprocessor design technology for improved cabinet performance and safety. LabGard® AIR utilises a single motor blower system to maintain airflow performance. The single motor blower system is inherently balanced. As particulates load the HEPA filters between certifications, NuAire’s single motor/blower system maintains a consistent ratio of down flow to inflow, preventing uneven filter loading, maintaining a safer environment for you and your laboratory as well as sustains the proper down flow to minimise cross contamination within the work zone.

LabGard® ES Biological Safety Cabinets can be either exhausted back into the room or connected to a facility HVAC system. The cabinet’s airflow is 30% exhausted/70% recirculated to minimise cross-contamination of low to moderate risk biologicals in the absence of volatile toxic chemicals.

NuAire® designs equipment that accommodates advancement for: improved safety conditions; improved productivity; improved quality and reliability; and reduction of arm, shoulder, and neck strain contributing to common work place injuries. With three (3) NSF listed window access openings to choose from.

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