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Setting the Standards for Demanding Environments

Feb 02 2010

NuAire has developed a complete complement of polypropylene products for the laboratory; Vertical Laminar Flow Fume Hoods, Conventional and By-Pass Fume Hoods, 100% Polypropylene Casework, Countertops and Accessories.

Polypropylene is a high corrosion resistant material with high temperature and tensile strength; Possessing excellent chemical resistance to organic solvents and degreasing agents as well as electrolytic attack. The properties of polypropylene are enhanced with anti-oxidizing agents and UV-stabilizers to increase strength, improve thermal characteristics and withstand the exceptional demands of highly corrosive agents. Polypropylene is lightweight, stain resistant, and has a low moisture absorption rate.

NuAire NU-156 FumeGard Vertical Laminar Flow / Wet Process / Fume Hoods can be used where product and personnel protection are required. Areas of use include chemical research, microelectronics, high acid / trace metal analysis use, semi-conductor design / development and/or production assembly processes. Designed and tested to meet the performance criteria as established by the National Sanitation Foundation Standard #49, Federal Standard 209d. All NuAire Fume Hoods are certified to SEFA 1-1992 performance and meet ASHRAE Standard 110-1995 requirements. The FumeGard cabinets are single piece construction of all stress-relieved, fully seam-welded 100% white polypropylene, available in four sizes 4, 5, 6, and 8 foot widths, with two standard work surface depths of 24” or 30”, and are ergonomically designed to provide maximum user comfort, making your lab safer and more efficient.

NuAire’s Polypropylene NU-162 and NU-164 By-Pass Fume Hoods are ideal when only personnel protection is required. These Hoods offer a Combination Sash, the Vertical / Horizontal Open Sash gives the user the option of opening the sash by sliding the window up and down or if preferred, slide the window side to side.

NuAire’s Drying Racks are made of all virgin polypropylene with a 1” back board and ¼” drip trough. The boards are available in high gloss white or black, weighing a third of epoxy resin peg boards. The drip trough comes standard with ½” FPT coupling; a drainage tube can be installed for directing liquids into a sink basin. The Pegs are molded from chemical resistant polypropylene 6” long, with a 30º angle, and are removable for cleaning or for accommodating larger glassware items. A 30” x 30” Board contains 46 pegs; a 30” x 36” Board contains 52 pegs.

NuAire Acid Storage Cabinets are constructed from all stress-relieved, fully seam-welded, white corrosive-resistant polypropylene. The outer cabinet shelf, kick plate and adjustable shelves with drip-proof lips are constructed from ½ inch polypropylene. Each cabinet incorporates easy-to-clean shelves, handles, hinges and crews also made of 100% polypropylene. The adjustable slide front air vents and removable top air vent plugs assure that the acid storage cabinets have adequate ventilation for safety.

NuAire is recognized universally as the leader in providing laboratory professionals with reliable products for the most demanding environments, offering a wide range of laboratory products with a variety of complementary products to serve the needs of the world’s laboratory community

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