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Nov 03 2009

The new CellGard NU-480 Laminar Flow Class II, BSC features the unique TouchLink Electronic Airflow Control System, a self-contained micro-processor module that monitors and performs the following diagnostic functions: Controls the blower motor; monitors, displays and controls interior downflow and inflow velocities; monitors for high or low airflow alarm conditions; real time clock display and timer functions; controls lights and outlets. The control system automatically compensates for filter loading; voltage variances and other environmental effects; remote contact outputs for interaction with HVAC systems; window, ultraviolet light, and auxiliary alarms, and optional chart recorder outputs. nitecare™ is a unique system initiated by the window closure, reducing the motor/blower operational airflow to conserve energy while maintaining work zone sterility. The TouchLink also establishes and maintains an optimum balance between the supply air system and exhaust air system through constant monitoring of airflow using intelliflow™ - Fast, Accurate, Reliable, Dual Thermistor Airflow Sensors powered by TSI. The same sensor technology used in certification instruments designed to assure BSC Optimal performance.

The unique HEPEX Zero Leak Airflow System built into the CellGard eliminates leaks and guards against HEPA filter failure. True laminar airflow minimizes air turbulence within the work-zone creating an ISO Class 5 sterile environment.

The CellGard 480 maximizes user comfort and adjustability, with a 10 degree sloped frameless polished edge window for greater visibility and better sight lines, reducing eye fatigue, eliminating awkward posture, relieving arm, neck and shoulder strain. The front hinged panel opens 30° for ease of manual cleaning. Optional Glass Side Walls which allows better viewing for Teaching and Educational Labs. The CellGard provides the largest work-zone area available, wider armrests for additional forearm support, duplex outlets, and service valves for gas, air, and vacuum. NuAire also offers a Motorized window, Motorized Base-stand, Ergonomic Chair, and Footrest to alleviate bodily strain and increase safety conditions for laboratory professionals.

CellGard’s Decontamination Process - Decon 101, is a unique method to inactivate, destroy and neutralize toxic and infectious agents. This system uses formalin or liquid formaldehyde as the disinfectant agent and liquid ammonia as the neutralizing agent. The system is comprised of the Vaporizer, the Exhaust Canopy, with Vapor Collection Cartage and four [4] window clamps to insure a gas tight window seal. Activation of the system can be automatic using TouchLinkTM or done manually.

NuAire offers the very best for dependability, performance, safety, and service, with multiple sizes, options, and accessories, creating a cabinet with flexibility that assures the user a safe, conducive work environment.

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