• New Chromogenic Uti Medium is Launched: New Clarity Agar Improves Differentiation of Uti Pathogens

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New Chromogenic Uti Medium is Launched: New Clarity Agar Improves Differentiation of Uti Pathogens

Apr 05 2007

Oxoid, a leading manufacturer of diagnostic culture media, has announced the launch of a new chromogenic culture medium for the enhanced differentiation and presumptive identification of micro-organisms associated with urinary tract infections (UTIs). Oxoid Chromogenic UTI Clarity Agar provides improved colour reactions, allowing clinical laboratories to obtain easily interpreted results faster.

Chromogenic culture media are used increasingly to aid in the diagnosis of UTIs. Since several micro-organisms may be present in a specimen, the use of chromogens helps to distinguish between colonies of different species on a culture plate. However, some chromogenic UTI media do not differentiate enterococci and coliforms by colour. Others exhibit poor recovery of Staphylococcus aureus. Although this species is only responsible for 0.5 6% of UTIs, its presence in urine may be an early indication of a pre-existing bacteraemia and so should not be overlooked1.

Oxoid Chromogenic UTI Clarity Agar allows good growth of the main UTI pathogens, whilst preventing swarming of Proteus species. The new, specific chromogens used in this medium, together with the transparent nature of the medium, allow good differentiation between species, including coliforms (which have dark blue/purple colonies) and enterococci (which have blue/turquoise colonies). It also allows improved recovery of Staphylococcus aureus and correct presumptive identification of Citrobacter freundii, which can be problematic with some other media.

With easily interpreted results available in just 16-24 hours, Oxoid Chromogenic UTI Clarity Agar helps a presumptive diagnosis to be made promptly, allowing patients to receive appropriate treatment at an early opportunity. This may help to improve recovery and reduce complications of UTIs, such as pyelonephritis and bacteraemia.

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