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New Robust New Automatic Air Sampler is Launched

Aug 28 2007

Oxoid is pleased to announce the launch of the new Oxoid Air Sampler. This robust, high specification air sampler is designed to monitor microbiological air quality in controlled pharmaceutical, clinical and food processing environments, using proven impaction technology that has been used reliably in quality assurance and infection control applications for many years.

The Oxoid Air Sampler, in distinctive Oxoid red, is compact and easily portable, making it suitable for monitoring air in a variety of locations, such as:

? pharmaceutical clean rooms, manufacturing and filling areas
? operating theatres, hospital pharmacies and other critical areas in hospitals
? food processing and preparation areas.

The sampler is easy to use, with a simple keypad menu (in a choice of languages) to lead the user through a variety of preset or user-defined functions, including flexible sampling volumes, delayed start, multiple run and variable interval options. It can be operated manually or using an infra-red remote control ideal for monitoring highly sensitive, closed environments.

The Oxoid Air Sampler has been shown to be efficient and reliable, with validation studies demonstrating a physical efficiency of 100% for particles 0.8 to 19.0 microns in size (BS EN ISO 14698-1:2003 Annex B). Once activated, the unit automatically samples air at a fixed rate of 100 litres per minute. Air is drawn through small holes in the sample head and directed onto the surface of an agar plate. A flashing LED shows that sampling is in progress and an audible signal indicates the end of the sampling period. The agar plate is then removed and incubated in order to assess levels of contamination. The Oxoid Air Sampler can accommodate 55mm and 90mm plates and has flexible plate holders which allows for slight variation in plate diameter. The unit is supplied with a 90mm sampling head as standard, with a 55mm sampling head available as an optional accessory.

Sample details (e.g. date, time, location, sampled volume and operator ID) are stored within the unit. This information is easily accessed and visualised on the alpha-numeric display or can be printed via a standard printer cable. It is also possible for data to be downloaded to a computer (using the Oxoid Air Sampler Software CD) for reporting and trend analysis.

The Oxoid Air Sampler is supplied fully calibrated with a calibration certificate traceable to recognised Standards. Furthermore, the sample head can be changed, or removed for cleaning, quickly and easily without the need for recalibration. Calibration is recommended at six to twelve monthly intervals after purchase, Oxoid has a calibration service available to do this. Advice and support is provided by the fully trained Oxoid Technical Support Team.

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