• New! the Innovative H2PEM Series Hydrogen Generator

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New! the Innovative H2PEM Series Hydrogen Generator

Aug 24 2007

Dangerous and expensive hydrogen cylinders can now be eliminated by using a Parker Balston® hydrogen generator.

As Gas Chromatograph users will probably confirm, little has changed in the past decades in the way hydrogen gas is used in the laboratory. Now that picture is set to change, thanks to a remarkable multi-disciplinary gas generator manufactured by Parker Balston. Their new paradigm solution for generating hydrogen in laboratories is so easy to use that it could potentially save thousands of Euros a year in expensive downtime and installation costs.

Four different models have been upgraded to the 100, 165, 260 and 510 ml/min units producing high purity hydrogen, 99.9999% at up to 6.89 bar. Special features include an advanced PEM electrochemical cell protection system with microprocessor controls, a unique water hydration circulation purification system. This is also complimented by USB capability with software options for remote monitoring and control, blue intensity back lighted display for simple operator use with touch screen visuals for system status checks, Automatic water fill options, and data logging performance controls for preventative maintenance with reporting tools for use in regulated environments where system validations are required.

These generators will allow GC (Gas Chromatograph) users to supply, control, and automate all hydrogen gas supplies. A single generator can support up to as many as 13 instruments with high purity hydrogen.

Other applications include fuel gases for total hydrocarbon analysers, supply gases for hydrogenation reactors, hydrogen for pilot scale fuel cells assays and hydrogen for collision reaction gases.

Each generator is available as standard with a two-year warranty emphasizing the quality and reliability

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