• Advanced Library Amplification Mix Enhances NGS Data Quality
    PCR BioSystems VeriFi™ Library Amplification Mix.

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Advanced Library Amplification Mix Enhances NGS Data Quality

May 18 2023

PCR Biosystems has launched VeriFi™ Library Amplification Mix, a proofreading polymerase mix that reduces GC-dependent bias in NGS library preparation workflows. The mix is designed to guarantee high-quality sequencing results for long and complex targets, enabling researchers to acquire superior sequencing datasets with a higher number of unique reads.

VeriFi™ Library Amplification Mix combines VeriFi™ Hot Start Polymerase with proprietary chemistry to minimise GC-bias and utilises AptaLock™ hot start technology to ensure reliable amplification. The mix has undergone rigorous testing on Illumina platforms and has been shown to have minimal bias, even during amplification at extremes of GC content ranging from 30.

In an external, blind experiment with three market-leading competitors, the researcher running the study picked VeriFi™ Library Amplification Mix as the best performing and reported detecting 2% more unique reads, which leads to greater target sequence coverage and more accurate quantitative information.

VeriFi™ Library Amplification Mix is easy to use with its 2x mix format, which simplifies the workflow and improves reproducibility.

Alex Wilson, Co-founder and Business Development Manager, PCR Biosystems stated: “Empowering researchers to advance their research and unlock new insights is the driving force behind everything we do at PCR Biosystems. We are proud that we have developed this cutting-edge mix, which is cost-effective and will truly benefit researchers, giving them more and better data when undertaking costly and laborious NGS experiments.”

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