• Beat the rising costs and dwindling supply of helium with Precision

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Beat the rising costs and dwindling supply of helium with Precision

Aug 02 2022

Helium. The topic that is still at the front of everyone’s mind.

It’s no secret that many labs are finding that their suppliers are putting them on allocation with some labs only being able to source 45-65% of the helium that they actually require. Given how crucial helium is to many industries, this is obviously very concerning. With many labs seeing demand increase, this reduction in the availability of helium could be even more problematic considering labs are needing more helium than before, not less.

With no supply of helium, this renders equipment completely useless in most cases. For those labs who have been lucky enough to maintain a source of helium, they are receiving a fraction of the volume at prices that have spiked by up to 30%.

Beat the helium shortage

The only way your lab can navigate the current shortage is to no longer rely on helium.

By looking at alternatives to helium for your GC, you will be able to sustain your lab activity while others are scrambling to source a fraction of the gas needed while paying inflated prices for the pleasure.

Switching to hydrogen or nitrogen for GC carrier gas is becoming a much more common occurrence in the face of these shortages.

Which gas generator is suitable for your GC?

PEAK Scientific have a range of gas generators which are designed, specifically, with GC in mind. The Precision range is a safe and practical way to supply hydrogen and nitrogen gas to your laboratory.

PEAK's Precision Hydrogen generator can provide standard grade purity which is suitable for Flame Ionization Detectors, while the Precision Hydrogen Trace generators are recommended for carrier gas - ensuring the lowest baseline and precision in your results.

PEAK's Precision Nitrogen generator is ideal for your GC’s make up gas and can supply multiple detectors. If you are looking for a solution which can provide make up gas or carrier gas, the Precision Nitrogen Trace is the ideal solution.

As the Precision range is a stackable, modular design, many labs also include a Precision Zero Air generator to provide flame support gas as this does not alter the overall footprint of the stack. And, for those with no compressed air solutions in their lab, the Precision stack also comes with a Precision Air Compressor so you can have all of your GC needs met with one neat, stackable solution.

With labs having to seriously consider the helium situation constantly disrupting their workflow, GC instrument manufacturers are starting to release instruments that can be supplied specifically by hydrogen and nitrogen rather than having to solely rely on helium for all of their analysis.

Alongside this, many instrument manufacturers are increasingly recommending hydrogen as a carrier gas instead of helium – ultimately allowing labs to continue their analysis with no concern over gas shortages.

Take control of your gas supply with a Precision generator from PEAK Scientific.

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