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The Photonis Spiraltron™ Family of Miniaturised Channel Electron Multipliers

Mar 14 2014

Single channel electron multipliers (‘Channeltrons’) offer exceptional amplification properties with unsurpassed low noise behaviour, but traditionally these detectors have been restricted to high vacuum environments. The ability to expand the use of these types of detectors to high pressure applications provides an opportunity for weight, cost, and power reduction for existing instrumentation. Further, it may serve as an enabling technology for applications where low signals need to be measured at high pressure, such as in portable instruments

The Photonis Spiraltron™ family of miniaturised channel electron multipliers can deliver high performance at pressures to 10-2 torr. A Spiraltron™ detector consists of six individual channels fed from a common collector cone.  This cone shape can be configured to meet the specific instrument or application – round, square or rectangular.

The spiral section of the detector consists of six single channels which are twisted, barber pole fashion, around a solid centre.  The multi-channel configuration provides a six-fold increase in surface area compared to single channel electron multipliers, leading to longer life performance. The internal spiral structure enables low noise performance by significantly reducing the ion feedback typically generated from the high concentration of residual gas molecules in high pressure environments.  The number of turns per inch can be varied to shorten or lengthen the overall ion path.

The internal twisted ion path design of a Spiraltron provides an on-axis design in a compact size for a simple plug-and-play replacement.  The detectors offer high dynamic range and low life, since the extracted charge comes from six individual channels that delay the onset of saturation. The internal spiral architecture reduces ion feedback, allowing for operation at pressures to 10-4 torr. 

Spiraltron™ detectors operate at elevated pressures into the 10-4 torr range, a factor of 10 above traditional CEMs and discrete dynode multipliers.  Spiraltron™ electron multipliers are ideal for applications requiring high linearity.   In addition, they provide excellent single ion sensitivity, producing Gaussian pulse height distributions (PHD).

For applications requiring sensitive detection in higher pressure, the MegaSpiraltronTM detector is a physically small, robust ion detector that can achieve high gain while maintaining low noise. These detectors have a compact, durable design and are only 1.35” long and 0.6” in diameter.  MegaSpiraltrons can operate at 10-2 torr making them an excellent choice for portable instrumentation or poor vacuum.

Finally, the MAGNUM™ electron multipliers provide high dynamic range with high gain and low noise.  The single piece cartridge design allows easy integration and replacement. MAGNUM™ detectors are available for analogue or pulse counting applications, with standard or extended dynamic range performance. They can be operated at pressures 7x10-4 torr.

Channeltron, Spiraltron, MegaSpiraltron and MAGNUM are registered trademarks of Photonis USA, Inc

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