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DuraChill Portable Recirculating Chillers...Everything Changes

Aug 06 2019

Welcome to the era of DuraChill®, changing the world of chillers forever.  More than a catch phrase, DuraChill® is an ongoing commitment to the environment, innovation and a 60 year old promise made by our founder to create and deliver the best possible products, each and every day.  DuraChill® is the joining of technology and creativity to create a new industry standard.  Here are a few of the many benefits of DuraChill®.

All the information you need at a glance
A bright, full-colour touchscreen display shows set temperature, actual fluid temperature, reservoir fill level, pump output pressure and even the status of your air filter - all on an easy-to-read display in your choice of five languages.

Save time and effort with easy access to the reservoir fill port
DuraChill® Chillers offer a conveniently located front fill reservoir. You no longer have to go  to the back of the chiller to open and fill the reservoir.  DuraChill® has the fill port in the front, making it easy to access, avoiding spills and saving time.

No more preventative air filter maintenance
Our new patent-pending DynamicFilter™ System is preprogrammed to change the air filter automatically once per month over a two year period and can be adjusted to suit your operating environment.  This will relieve you of the burden of preventative air filter maintenance and eliminate downtime from unnecessary service calls due to improper maintenance.

Worry-free prevention of premature pump failure
Because pump seals will fail in as little as 30 seconds of being run dry, DuraChill® Chillers include a state-of-the-art capacitance liquid level sensor on the reservoir to protect the pump from premature failure. If the fluid level runs too low, the DuraChill® Chiller will give visual and audible alarms and if the fluid level reaches a point where there's risk of sucking air into the pump, DuraChill® will shut the chiller down and present another alarm.

Create a quieter working environment
These new high-performance chillers feature our exclusive patented WhisperCool® Noise Reduction System.  This patented technology evaluates the demand for cooling from your process, then adaptively slows the fan speed to the minimum necessary to maintain control point, making the chiller extremely quiet without sacrificing any cooling performance.

Your fluid path stays clean without chemical additives
As part of our commitment to the environment we developed a patent-pending UV light system that will continuously prevent biological growth in the fluid path without the need for chemical growth inhibitors, preventing algaecides from being released into the world’s waterways.

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