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Ultraseal™ CAP-PRO & CAP-LITE

Sep 05 2023

Porvair Sciences are proud to announce the new standard in microplate sealing solutions with the Ultraseal™ CAP-PRO & Ultraseal™ CAP-LITE. The CAP-PRO is a semi-automated cap and mat applicator whereas, the CAP-LITE is completely manual.

The Ultraseal™ CAP-PRO has been expertly engineered to apply friction sealing mats and caps to SBS-format microplate and tube racks with ease, speed, and consistency. Ideal for medium to high throughput laboratories, microplates or tube racks are placed into the drawer with their chosen friction mat or septum cap, the drawer firmly shut, and sealing is achieved by pressing the glove-friendly start button. The automated system immediately takes over by applying even, consistent throughout the surface of the mat to achieve a tight seal in each tube or well. The instrument features three pressure settings; low (150 kg max force), medium (225 kg max force), and high (300 kg max force) providing users with the flexibility to choose the optimal setting for their specific sealing needs.

For low to medium throughput laboratories, the Ultraseal™ CAP-LITE is the ideal and economical solution for routine sample sealing. By pulling down on the sturdy hand quickly and strongly, applying friction sealing mats or septum sealing caps to SBS format tube racks and microplates. This instrument is equipped with a double-sided plate shuttle, allowing the use of a variety of well volumes, shallow or deep.

Both units are compact, allowing them to fit on most lab benches. Enhancing the workspace with either of these instruments is effortless and compatible with most commercially available septum cap mats, and 2D-coded and uncoded tubes in SBS-format racks including the ability to apply friction and septum seals for 24-, 48- and 96- tube plates.

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