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Versatile Tool for Productive Parallel Chemistry

Apr 02 2006

The Carousel 6 reaction station family from Radleys provides a simple, versatile and convenient solution for chemists looking to increase the productivity of their chemistry.

Designed for individual chemists to use in their own fume cupboards, the Carousel 6 family offers the versatility to be adapted for both small and larger scale syntheses, to operate at elevated or sub-ambient temperatures and to cope with almost any reaction medium effectively - even highly viscous solutions. The affordability of the Carousel 6 family brings all the productivity benefits of multiple parallel synthesis to the chemist at a fraction of the cost of any other comparable system. Advantageously the small benchtop footprint of the Carousel 6 means that it uses very little fume cupboard space.

The Carousel 6 is able to simultaneously heat and stir up to six 5ml to 250ml round bottomed flasks. The 5ml flask allows a working volume of as low as 1ml, which is particularly useful for applications such as focussed library generation where samples and reagents are expensive or scarce. An extensive range of reaction flask sizes and options enables the system to accommodate the addition of solid or liquid reagents as well as performing azeotropic distillations.

Operating from ambient to 180°C, with accurate temperature control to +/-0.5°C, the patented design of the Carousel 6 ensures efficient heat transfer and refluxing. For reactions requiring sub-ambient operation the Carousel 6 offers a robust HDPE cooling reservoir option that is compatible with a wide range of manual freezing mixtures, including dry ice/acetone enabling efficient operation from ambient down to -70°C. A central gas inlet and radial gas distribution system, combined with gas-tight PTFE caps, allow cooled reactions to be carried out under an inert atmosphere.

Powerful stirring and efficient mixing are provided using the latest elliptical rare earth stirring bars. Where effective stirring is required with highly viscous liquids the Tornado IS-6 accessory seamlessly integrates with a wide range of overhead stirrers, to evenly distributes high torque to all positions of the Carousel 6. The result is that the Tornado can stir reaction mixtures of up to 10,000cps at 500rpm and is also ideal for dispersing solids in lower viscosity liquids at speeds of up to 1000rpm.

Every aspect of the Carousel 6 family has been designed for convenience. Designed by chemists for chemists, it is easy to set-up and requires minimal training time. The unit allows each flask to be clearly visible and easily accessible for addition of reagents and solvents. Drop-in aluminium inserts enable reaction flasks to be quickly inserted or removed. With no electrical or moving parts the Carousel 6 family has proven itself in thousands of installations worldwide to be reliable and maintenance free.

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