• Particle size and shape measurement with Dynamic Image Analysis

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Particle size and shape measurement with Dynamic Image Analysis

Feb 21 2019

RETSCH Technology’s particle analysers CAMSIZER P4 and CAMSIZER X2 use the principle of Dynamic Image Analysis. Thanks to the patented dual camera technology these analysers cover a wide dynamic measuring range from 20µm to 30mm and from 0.8µm to 8mm respectively.

The dual camera technology of the CAMSIZER is based on the simultaneous operation of two cameras, allowing for the detection of fine as well as coarse particles in a wide measuring range with high resolution and efficiency.

The CAMSIZER P4 particle analyser has been developed to comprehensively characterise dry, free flowing bulk materials. Whereas traditional sieve analysis, for example, can only determine the approximate particle size, the CAMSIZER P4 simultaneously measures both particle size and shape from 20µm to 30mm – with much more detail and at a higher resolution. In combination with the optional autosampler efficiency can be increased by high sample throughput due to the automated sample measurement.

Thanks to the robust construction and a measuring technique that is not sensitive to disturbances, the CAMSIZER P4 is also suitable for operation under challenging industrial conditions.

The quality control of fine powders (from 0.8µm to 8mm ) can be substantially improved with the new CAMSIZER X2. This model features improved optical resolution and has new options for material feeding allowing an extended application range. Fine particles tend to agglomerate which makes it difficult to record the properties of a single particle. Therefore, it is important to have several sample feed options to the analysis area.

The CAMSIZER X2 offers the flexible X-Change system: from the X-Fall module (free fall mode - most gentle method for the material), to the X-Jet module with adjustable pressure and variable nozzle geometry and, additionally, the X-Flow module in which particles are dispersed in liquids, optionally by an ultrasonic probe.

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