• Spectroquant® Prove Plus range of spectrophotometers for the chemical analysis of drinking water, wastewater, and process water

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Spectroquant® Prove Plus range of spectrophotometers for the chemical analysis of drinking water, wastewater, and process water

Mar 21 2024

Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS), the UK’s largest independent supplier of scientific products, are now able to supply the full range of Supelco photometry products. From practical pocket colorimeters to powerful lab bench spectrophotometers – the Spectroquant® range offers solutions for all water analysis requirements. Thanks to their outstanding precision and simple, robust handling you can enjoy the ultimate in convenience and reliability.

For swift, secure results, all Spectroquant® instruments are pre-programmed to work seamlessly with Spectroquant® cell and reagent tests. What´s more, the latest generation of Spectroquant® Prove plus spectrophotometers are packed with features that make accuracy and precision simpler than ever including:

Live ID barcode reading for all Spectroquant® cell AND reagent tests

No adapter is needed for the different cells sizes - including round cells, 1, 2, 5 and even 10cm cells.

An instantly responsive display and super-fast processing, in addition to, the greater capacity to store more measurement results make the Spectroquant® Prove plus the perfect tool for water analysis.

Instrument support Analytical Quality Assurance and an extended warranty period of two years are an added bonus.

An extensive range of ready-to-use Spectroquant® test kits as well as standards is offered and they can all be stored at room temperature adding to the convenience of the range.

Extensive documentation for all test kits and reference materials is provided online. This greatly facilitates quality assurance and compliance for regulatory institutions such as the EPA

SLS are uniquely placed to meet customers’ chemical requirements by offering the broadest range of chemicals from the world’s most respected manufacturers, removing the hassle of finding, receiving, and unpacking multiple different deliveries as well as co-ordinating orders with a multitude of chemical companies. By working with SLS customers deal with one company for all their chemical requirements, meaning you have one contact for all your chemical orders.

With over 30 years’ experience, SLS are acutely aware that in the fast-paced world of routine lab testing and given the time-pressured nature of your work, you need chemicals available in the right place at the right time. To this end, SLS work with manufacturing partners to deliver directly from their facility to your premises, ensuring rapid delivery with no intermediate stock holding. This streamlined logistical arrangement ensures there are no unnecessary delays to the supply of your required chemicals, with next day delivery available on stocked items.

With the changing face of regulatory compliance and the increased requirement for certification of products used in research and production, SLS will ensure you have access to the all the certification you need. Whether your requirement is for a simple Certificate of Analysis (CoA), detailed change-control notification or further validation for use in Bioprocessing or IVD, then SLS is your go-to partner to ensure you carry the certifications you need.

Whether you are working in a University or Research facility, Food Laboratory, Clinical Testing, Pharmaceutical QC or Environmental analysis, performing routine tests or sophisticated chromatography then SLS can deliver the chemicals you need, when you need them.

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