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Quickfit® - Still Making The Right Connections

Oct 01 2019

Quickfit® pioneered the development of interchangeable ground glass joints in 1934. Over 85 years of experience and expertise in the processes and techniques required to manufacture jointed glassware to a consistently high quality has made Quickfit® the number one choice for scientists around the world. Manufactured exclusively from Pyrex® borosilicate glass, Quickfit® glassware is durable and safe to use in a wide range of lab applications, with a variety of acids, alkalis and solvents over a broad temperature range. Quickfit® joints continue to be manufactured in the UK, by SciLabware.

Quickfit® joints are first ground to a surface finish that meets the requirements of the international standard for ground joints, ISO 383. The joints are then subjected to a second grinding process that produces a joint with an exceptionally smooth surface finish that is half the tolerance specified in the standard. This unique manufacturing process creates a joint with a super-fine surface finish which is exceptionally leak-proof, vacuum-tight and provides a safe seal against potentially harmful chemicals and gases leaking from the joint. It also reduces the risk of joint seizure allowing the joints to be separated more easily.

Manufactured with a precision 1:10 taper, Quickfit® conical joints are completely interchangeable with any other joints of the same size. Due to the consistency in our manufacturing processes, modern Quickfit® joints are completely interchangeable with joints made decades ago. 

The round rim profile of Quickfit® conical socket joints provides additional mechanical strength and robustness that helps to prevent the socket cracking when an assembly is used under vacuum and when it is assembled and disassembled. The round beaded rim is less prone to damage than the square rim profile used by other manufacturers (no corners to chip off) and helps to increase the service life of the joints.

For more information on the SciLabware Quickfit® laboratory glassware range and to learn more on how it can help you in your work please visit our web site.

For any enquires please get in touch via our contact us page.

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