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Innovative water quality sensing solution

Oct 20 2023

SWT50i: Sensirion’s first water quality sensor

Sensirion introduces the new SWT50i sensor, marking its debut in the water quality sensing domain. Leveraging a UV-absorption-based measurement principle, this sensor stands out for its compact size, ease of integration, and cost-effectiveness.

The SWT50i sensor plays a pivotal role in assessing organic substances in water, aiding users in water treatment process control and water quality monitoring. It functions as a photometer, measuring UV-C range absorption, enabling users to track typical organic contaminants and various pollutants, including benzene, antibiotics, pesticides, detergents, plastics, and solvents. Its compact dimensions at 70 x 70 x 70 mm and a flow-through design facilitate seamless integration into challenging configurations, while meeting the highest standards of reliability and cost-efficiency.

With escalating concerns about organic pollutants, climate change, and the resulting water scarcity, the significance of measurement technology is more pronounced than ever. It contributes to enhancing the efficiency of purification processes, monitoring their effectiveness, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Traditionally, the measurement of such pollutants relied on TOC (total organic carbon) analysers, which are pricey, intricate, and unsuitable for real-time monitoring. The UV absorption method, based on the light-absorbing properties of organic molecules, was another option. While online measuring devices existed, they were primarily designed as probes and came with a hefty price tag.

The SWT50i employs the same UV absorption principle but introduces an entirely new form factor at an attractive price. This enables multi-point measurements within a single system or applications previously deemed impractical due to cost constraints. Furthermore, Sensirion adopts a flow-through sensor design, allowing easy insertion into closed hose systems with smaller diameters (5-15mm) compared to available probes.

The SWT50i is part of Sensirion's vision of establishing comprehensive sensor networks to enhance process and environmental monitoring. This paves the way for more efficient and resource-conscious use of the precious water resource. Marking Sensirion's first foray into water quality measurement, this sensor is poised to make water quality assessment accessible in various applications, from production processes and water purification in waterworks to distribution systems and private households.

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