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A Probe for Every Application

Apr 05 2006

The Sentron glass-free pH probe with its strong ISFET chip, will not break and is therefore very safe. Sentron has two series of ISFET pH probes with different tip designs to cover applications in liquids, semisolids, viscous solutions and more. These two series are:

Hot-line: a series with a complete range of high temperature ISFET pH probes. The probes are made of heat and chemical resistant materials and have chemically stable KCI reference gel, so these probes function reliable at high temperatures up to 105°C and in contact with more aggressive chemicals. 5 types of tips are available: for every application we have a probe.

Stream-Line: this series use a flowing reference with thickened KCI solution and the reference provides a constant liquid flow, which ensures stable readings while preventing junction fouling. Although suitable for general pH testing, the probes (ConeFET and SurFET) are ideal for low conductive and pure water applications as well as highly concentrated or polluting samples.

Sentron MICRO Electrode: the latest innovative product of Sentron. The standard Micro electrode has a diameter of only 3 mm and is made of PEEK. The measuring part (the sensor) is built-in at the conic end of the electrode and therefore it can measure very small volumes or used in very small sized sample cups or in micro-titer plates. On request other materials for this electrode as stainless steel are available. The MICRO Electrodes can be used in applications in thin high pipes or to measure the pH in meat and cheese (stainless Steel) but also in bacterial cultivates. This MICRO electrode is easy to clean and very suitable for applications in the biotechnology, food, pharmacy etc.

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