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AirChek 3000 – The New Leader in Air Sampling

Oct 26 2012

The field of Industrial Hygiene has been established for many years, and a lot of the methods have been in use and much
of the equipment has been in the market place, for a long time.

With long established equipment and materials the problem of obsolescence eventually raises its head, and this can cause
significant issues for both manufacturers and end users. The drivers for this can be legislative change, updating of technical
standards, or simply the cessation of manufacture of key components and materials.

Although these changes can raise various issues, they can drive performance improvements when designing and validating
suitable alternatives.

The air sample pumps commonly used are subject to many international and European standards, particularly where they are intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, requiring certification to schemes such as ATEX or IECEx.

The technical standards relating to this are updated on a regular basis in order for them to keep pace with the ‘state of the art’, and each update tends to make the requirements more stringent, necessitating more exacting design from manufacturers.

In response to these stringent technical standards, SKC Ltd has produced their latest product to meet the current international and European requirements. The AirChek 3000 pump is ATEX and IECEx certified for use in the majority of potentially explosive atmosphere environments, whether of explosive gases, explosive dusts or for mining applications, whilst also providing excellent
performance for air sampling applications. 

A major part of the development of this product related to the design of a new plastic moulded case to successfully meet the stringent dust and water ingress tests required for explosive dust atmospheres and mining applications.

With the AirChek 3000 pump, at SKC Ltd we believe we have a superior air sample pump design to meet the demanding requirements of today’s Industrial Hygiene marketplace. 

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