• Ultra-high-speed camera advances materials testing research
    Kirana ultra-high-speed video camera.
  • Kirana ultra-high-speed video camera employed in University of Dresden experimental setup.
  • Kirana operating at 1.5 million frames per second for DIC analysis of concrete impact testing.

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Ultra-high-speed camera advances materials testing research

May 15 2024

Researchers at the University of Dresden have selected the Kirana ultra-high-speed video camera from Specialised Imaging for their materials testing endeavours. This decision followed a rigorous comparison with other commercially available cameras.

In their quest to understand the behaviour of concrete under high-impact loading, the researchers conducted a comprehensive evaluation. They compared experimental images captured by the Kirana with those from two alternative cameras for Digital Image Correlation (DiC) measurement analysis. The detailed findings of this comparative study have been published by the University of Dresden.

The evaluation process highlighted the importance of image quality in accurate measurement analysis during concrete material testing. To ensure precision, the researchers assessed the performance of three ultra-high-speed cameras, including the Kirana, in analysing concrete specimen deformation before and after crack formation in bending and compression tests. The results revealed that technological limitations affecting image quality could be overcome, leading to significantly improved spatial resolution images and overall better results.

The Kirana stands out as a true ultra-high-speed video camera, offering a unique combination of flexibility and speed comparable to framing cameras. Its custom design sensor allows for capturing 180 images at speeds of up to 7 million images per second at full resolution.

For those interested in witnessing the Kirana in action, a video showcasing Dresden researchers utilising the camera for DIC analysis of a 3-point bending test on concrete samples is available.

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