• Expanded Allergy Testing Access for More Patients Across the US

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Expanded Allergy Testing Access for More Patients Across the US

May 11 2023

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the expanded availability of ImmunoCAP™ Specific IgE tests to a wider range of patients across the US. These tests are now accessible to individuals visiting any Kroger Health The Little Clinic LLC (‘The Little Clinic’) location, where a blood draw can be conducted on-site.

The ImmunoCAP tests, known for their reliability and extensive research and development spanning over 50 years, offer regional respiratory profiles specifically designed to identify potential allergic triggers. By expanding the availability of these tests to The Little Clinic sites, more patients will have the opportunity to take proactive measures in managing their allergies.

"Discovering the actual cause of allergy-like symptoms is vital to empowering patients to address their condition from a preventative medicine standpoint, allowing a more personalised management plan," said Gary Falcetano, PA-C, AE-C, Scientific Affairs Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific. "Adding trusted and accurate ImmunoCAP testing to all The Little Clinic locations will enable clinicians to help many more patients get the answers they need to proactively manage their health." 

The Little Clinic, staffed with licensed healthcare professionals, offers convenient and credible care within neighbourhood grocery stores. These clinicians provide personalized care through a range of affordable and accessible treatment, screening, and diagnostic services. By introducing the ImmunoCAP blood test in local communities, The Little Clinic further enhances healthcare accessibility and convenience for patients.

ImmunoCAP blood tests have been documented in over 4,000 peer-reviewed publications and referenced in health guidelines worldwide. These tests are considered the gold standard in in-vitro allergy diagnostics and can identify allergic sensitisation to common environmental allergens, including seasonal and perennial ones, both indoors and outdoors.

Notably, ImmunoCAP specific IgE tests encompass a wide range of whole allergen, allergen mix, and allergen component tests. These tests can be performed regardless of a patient's age, skin condition, medication use, disease activity, or pregnancy status.

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