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Dual-labelled probes for real-time PCR

Apr 04 2024

Biopharma assay developers and clinical research labs face the ongoing challenge of balancing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and result accuracy. Multiplexing, or maximising the number of targets per sample, is a key strategy to achieve these goals. Thermo Fisher Scientific's new Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ QSY2 probes facilitate this process by demonstrating improved assay performance retention during the transition from single-plex to six-plex assays. This advancement empowers researchers to develop multiplexed in-house assays faster, unlocking the full potential of their qPCR instruments.

The TaqMan QSY2 probes feature a novel quencher design that enhances signal-to-noise ratio and reduces background noise, particularly with TaqMan 5’ nuclease qPCR probes. Equipped with Cyanine 5 and Cyanine 5.5 long wavelength dyes, these probes allow for multiplexing in the far-red spectrum, enabling advanced target detection capabilities. Comparative studies have shown that TaqMan QSY and QSY2 probes outperform their counterparts, offering greater sensitivity, a broader dynamic range, and better performance retention when scaling from single-plex to six-plex assays.

Manufactured in ISO 13485 certified facilities, the new TaqMan QSY2 probes provide healthcare and biopharma assay developers with confidence in target detection, ensuring unmatched accuracy and reproducibility. Applications for these probes include microbial pathogen detection, monitoring impurities and fluctuations in bioproduction processes, and gene expression studies.

With features such as increased sensitivity, brighter signal production, and efficient scaling to multiplex assays, the TaqMan QSY and QSY2 probes enhance assay performance while optimising efficiency in assay development. Thermo Fisher's commitment to providing accurate and reproducible results is further underscored by the availability of a full portfolio of dyes and quenchers for maximum assay design flexibility.

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