• Automatic Lovibond® Proves Consistent in Energy Institute Testing for Aviation Gasoline Colour

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Automatic Lovibond® Proves Consistent in Energy Institute Testing for Aviation Gasoline Colour

Jul 25 2008

The Tintometer Ltd are proud to announce it is now possible not only to meet the specifications of the test method for Aviation fuels, but to measure colour more consistently by adopting the Automatic method using the Lovibond® PFX instrument.

After a successful round robin initiated by the Energy Institute the automated Lovibond® method for testing Aviation Gasoline Colour is being upgraded to full method status.

Previously, although the industry had made efforts to align the difference between grade colour, dye type and concentration, the visual methods for testing colour conformity had remained inconsistent.

Both IP 17 and ASTM D2392 are manual tests using trained operators to compare Avgas Colour against a series of stained glass standards. These tests are open to subjectivity.

In initial comparison tests run in 2002 it was found that:

• The automatic Lovibond® and ASTM D2392 were in fair agreement
• IP 17 was bias low versus the other methods

In fact the IP 17 bias was such that the whole range of colour in Grade 80 Avgas was not readable.

On receipt of these findings the Energy Institute was approached with the idea of adopting the Automatic Lovibond® Method and ASTM D2392 methods within the Defence Standard 91-90, thus promoting alignment of colour testing within the industry.

The round robin was successfully completed using the provisional test method IP PM – CU 03, once again proving the previous bias and the range and non subjective readings of the Automatic Lovibond®.

Please contact the Sales Team at The Tintometer Ltd for further information.

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