• Over 120 Years Association with the Design and Production of Innovative Colour Measurement Systems

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Over 120 Years Association with the Design and Production of Innovative Colour Measurement Systems

Apr 14 2008

For over 120 years The Tintometer Limited has been associated with the design and production of innovative colour measurement systems for industries where colour is a factor in the quality of the product.
The company manufactures the Lovibond® range of instruments and reference materials for colour analysis of products such as fuel oils, lubricants, white oils, waxes and petrochemicals according to colour scales recommended in ASTM, ISO and IP methods.
The latest development, the TA4 On-line Analyser, is a system designed for the ‘real time’ continuous analysis of colour within a production process environment such as the edible oil or petroleum refinery. The
TA4 is a highly accurate spectrophotometric system that can be used for the measurement of constituent concentrations, early detection of trace contaminants and quality assurance analysis.
The Lovibond® RT850i is also a popular addition to the Lovibond® reflectance range. A high performance bench-top spectrophotometer, it is designed to give fast, precise and accurate colour measurement information on a range of products when used with OnColorTM software.
This software is now available in English, German and Spanish and can be quickly installed for use with the reflectance instruments. OnColorTM Lite is an affordable, entry level colour quality control package that works with most spectrophotometers. Compatible with Windows® 2000 and XP, OnColorTM Lite offers a wide range of functions and graphical displays for evaluation and control of colour. OnColorTM Premium is a more advanced, versatile colour quality control package, again for use with most spectrophotometers, and OnColorTM Match
provides fast, accurate colour match formulas and is engineered to help the user achieve the highest level of ‘fast shot’ colour matches.

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