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Sporicidal Wipes you Can Actually See Work

Feb 15 2012

Tristel Sporicidal Surface Wipes are the latest addition to the ‘Tristel for Surfaces’ product range and provide a practical and highly effective way to decontaminate all hard surfaces, including those of non-invasive medical devices and food preparation areas. Quick and easy to use, the Tristel Sporicidal surface wipe uses chlorine dioxide to provide high-level disinfection against all microorganisms (spores, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, bacteria) in under a minute. Once activated, the wipe changes colour so the user knows it’s ready for use. For improved safety, microorganisms are killed on the wipe so they are not simply transferred to another surface during the  decontamination process.

The Tristel Sporicidal surface wipe system generates chlorine dioxide when the activator foam is applied to the wipe. An almost instant reaction generates a controlled level of chlorine dioxide in aqueous solution, which is contained within the wipe. The wipe changes from pink to white when the chemical reaction has taken place making it clear that the wipe is ready for use. Incorporated in the Tristel technology is a buffering system that stabilises the pH at close to that of the skin mantle and an inhibitor system that protects sensitive materials. Tristel Sporicidal surface wipes system can be used for the high-level disinfection of commodes, wheelchairs, mattresses, beds, near-patient areas and food preparation areas.

Chlorine dioxide is a powerful oxidising agent and a well-documented, highly effective and safe biocide. Tristel’s patented chlorine dioxide chemistry can kill all organisms on a surface from which excess soil and organic matter have been removed, with a contact time of only 30 seconds. Biocidically, the Tristel Sporicidal surface wipe is far superior to a wipe that uses alcohol, a quaternary ammonium compound, a biguanide, chlorhexidine gluconate or any other chemistry. Tristel’s chlorine dioxide is completely and rapidly biodegradable.

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