• Custom ultrapure water system enhances biotechnology research capacity

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Custom ultrapure water system enhances biotechnology research capacity

Jul 05 2024

Veolia Water Technologies has engineered and installed custom ultrapure water purification system for an Oxford-based biotechnology research company. Based on its MEDICA™ Pro 120, this bespoke solution ensures a continuous supply of ultrapure water, crucial for advanced molecular biology research, while also increasing the laboratory’s production capacity.

The biotechnology facility urgently needed to replace its outdated water purification system, which was increasingly unreliable and difficult to maintain. Veolia Water Technologies faced the challenge of providing a consistent supply of ultrapure water to prevent contamination and enhance the accuracy of research results. Additionally, the new system needed to increase flow capacity to efficiently feed various vessels and washers.

The system was designed to purify, store, and distribute approximately 300 litres of ultrapure water daily. Given Veolia Water Technologies’ existing relationship with the client, they swiftly developed a solution tailored to the facility’s needs. Etienne Arman, Scientific Area Sales Manager at Veolia Water Technologies UK, highlighted the team’s flexibility and rapid response in upgrading from a Type 2 water proposal to an ultrapure water solution within a week.

The installation included the MEDICA™ Pro 120 and a 300-litre external reservoir. Downstream purification technologies featured a pressurized ring main capable of delivering up to 40 litres per minute to four points of use via an inverter-driven pump. The water passed through a virgin resin deionisation cylinder, a pharma-grade UV lamp, and a 0.2-micron filter, ensuring high purity.

Careful planning was required to position the equipment appropriately, and collaboration with the glassware washer company and on-site plumbing professionals ensured full functionality at all points of use. Arman noted the complexities of maintaining high purity and high flow rate simultaneously, which demanded precise design to mitigate potential organic contamination in the storage reservoir.

Veolia’s solution achieves a peak flow rate of 40 litres per minute, with fittings designed for easy access and replacement. The MEDICA™ Pro 120 purifies tap water to 15 MΩ-cm and stores it in a 300-litre reservoir, with periodic recirculation to maintain water quality. The water is further polished to 18.2 MΩ-cm, passed through a UV lamp, and filtered to remove any remaining contaminants.

Veolia Water Technologies will continue servicing the system, and the biotechnology company plans to replicate this solution at other sites. The lab is future-proofed to add an extra reaction vessel without impacting current performance.

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