• A World First: Monitor and Control the Temperature of Your Grinding Process

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A World First: Monitor and Control the Temperature of Your Grinding Process

Mar 08 2022

RETSCH has made possible what has not been possible before: temperature monitoring and regulation during the grinding process with our latest innovation, the new Mixer Mill MM 500 control! The mill is especially designed for processing temperature-sensitive sample materials and is suitable for dry, wet and cryogenic grinding.

The achievable temperature ranges from - 100 to 100 °C, with various options available for cooling and heating. The MM 500 control can be connected either to a liquid nitrogen supply or to an external temperature control unit such as a thermostat, chiller or water tap. The sample is tempered by indirect cooling or heating by means of thermal plates. This patented concept from RETSCH eliminates the need for sample cooling, e. g. in open liquid nitrogen baths or with dry ice.

For cooling with liquid nitrogen, the mill can be equipped with the optional cryoPad. The innovative cryoPad technology enables the selection and maintenance of a defined cooling temperature in the range between -100 and 0 °C during grinding.

Beside classical size reduction processes, the MM 500 control is also suitable for mechanochemical applications where reactions can be significantly influenced by tempering the sample.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Dry, wet and cryogenic grinding with up to 30 Hz
  • Cooling and heating in a range from - 100 to 100 °C
  • Continuous temperature monitoring throughout a grinding process
  • cryoPad device extension for a temperature-controlled sample processing with LN2 in a range from -100 to 0°C.
  • Fast sample processing and high throughput with two screw-lock jars of up to 125 ml each
  • Patented hermetically closed system ensures safe operation with thermal fluids

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