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Analytical Solutions for Life Science Applications

Oct 08 2020

Who Are We?

Verulam Scientific Ltd is an analytical instrument company providing innovative solutions and emerging technologies to the UK pharmaceutical, environmental, life science, food, clinical and biotechnology markets. We provide laboratories with the equipment and services that are crucial to modern analytical services and research.

Many of our products fill a niche area that allows us to provide the best solutions to the market and often not provided by other larger organisations. Systems thus supplied often give superior performance over an ‘off the shelf solution’ and our products are fully supported by our technical team.

Our Products and Services

We specialise in HPLC electrochemistry techniques for clinical, environmental, food and beverage applications, sample preparation for MALDI mass spectrometry, and automated sample preparation for mycotoxins, pesticides, dioxins, and forensic toxicology. Verulam Scientific work closely with manufacturers to introduce new and improved laboratory products to provide clients with the best opportunities and analytical solutions.

Our products are sourced from specialised US and European manufacturers and include: Electrochemical detectors and analysers (with guaranteed HPLC-ECD applications), as well as electrochemical reactors for synthesis and MS (applications in proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, environmental degradation, and toxicology); Sample preparation for MALDI-MS and LESA-MS; And automated sample preparation for food and feed, environmental and toxicological samples (e.g. mycotoxins, QuEChERS for pesticides, PCB’s/dioxins, PFAS in water samples, and THC metabolites in urine or drugs in human blood and tissue).

Recent additions include new acoustic sensors, for handling minute sample volumes for specific analyte detection, novel liquid handling robots, colony pickers, ELISA assay workstations for synthetic biology applications.

Verulam Scientific also provides a range of reagents, spares, and general consumable parts to support many laboratory needs. We offer a range of service plans on all the equipment we supply, and our engineers are trained and supported by the manufacturers we represent. With a fast response, and fully equipped spares kits, we can ensure a quick and thorough service is provided.

Our aim is to fulfil any analytical requirements you may have with a wide portfolio of products. Whatever your analytical requirements, why not contact us today for free advice and recommendations from our technical sales team.

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