• Energy-saving Led Lamp Brings Cool Bright Light to the Lab

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Energy-saving Led Lamp Brings Cool Bright Light to the Lab

Aug 16 2007

A powerful new lamp from Waldmann Lighting brings all the benefits of LED technology to laboratory task lighting. With low energy consumption and exceptional lamp life, the SPOT LED 003 combines three sophisticated Luxeon K2 LED emitters in one unit to give a bright, flicker-free, blue-white light.

In contrast to normal desk lamps or halogen spot lamps, the SPOT LED emits almost no heat, making it safe and cool to the touch, reducing the load on air conditioning systems and avoiding unwanted thermal effects.

The SPOT LED 003 is the latest addition to Waldmann's integrated range of area, workstation and task lighting that combines to provide the ideal lighting conditions for any laboratory.

Adequate and appropriate lighting ensures accurate and error-free working. It improves concentration, prevents eyestrain and helps to create a more comfortable and stress-free workplace that motivates employees and enhances their quality of life.

The SPOT LED 003 gives a consistently high quality of illumination, with no stroboscopic effect and a high proportion of blue light that aids concentration and motivation. It is also extremely durable, with a service life in excess of 50,000 hours equivalent to six years of continuous operation. Over the same period a typical halogen lamp with a service life of around 2,000 hours would need to be changed 25 times.

The SPOT LED 003 is available in a number of models, including movable arm-mounted and flexible-head versions that can be either fixed to the bench or attached when required using a magnetic base or screw clamp. The lighting head is safe to touch as it generates no heat, and can be adjusted to give the ideal illumination for any task.

Waldmann Lighting's SPOT LED 003 lamps are available as spot lights, with a 10o beam angle, or as area flood lights with a 40o beam angle. Models are available with electronic plug-in transformers to work from 100 to 240V, 50/60 Hz supplies or with intelligent circuitry for direct connection to AC or DC 24V supplies.

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