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Advanced viscometers for QC and R&D labs

Jul 08 2024

Allows rapid and accurate viscosity readings

Wiggens is proud to announce the expansion of its viscosity measurement equipment offerings, essential for rapid and accurate readings in QC and R&D laboratories. The updated range now includes rotational viscometers, capillary viscometers, automatic viscosity measurement systems, and falling ball viscometers.

Rotational viscometer

Introducing the Premium Plus line of rotational viscometers, designed to determine viscosity and other rheological properties of homogeneous samples with precision. This modern series combines sleek design with cutting-edge electronic technology, positioning Wiggens at the forefront of viscosity measurement tools.

The Premium Plus series features significant enhancements, such as a touch keyboard for user-friendly operation and new software that improves sample analysis accuracy. The equipment also offers advanced options such as flow curve visualisation and modes including step, multistep, and ramp, providing substantial benefits to users.

A notable innovation is the continuous reading feature for advanced products, complemented by a USB connection for easy data download to any computer.

Capillary viscometers & automatic viscosity measurement system

Capillary viscometers operate on the principle of measuring the relationship between viscosity and time, using gravity as the driving force to determine kinematic viscosity. With the known density, dynamic viscosity is easily calculated.

The automatic viscosity measurement system improves data accuracy, reduces operator errors, and minimises exposure to chemicals, making it ideal for measuring the relative viscosity of polymers and the absolute viscosity of oils.

Falling ball viscometer

The Wiggens falling ball viscometer, Visco Ball, complies with DIN 53015 / ISO 12058 standards, providing precise measurements of transparent Newtonian liquids and gases. Using six special glass or metal balls, the device times the rolling and sliding movements through the sample liquid in an inclined cylindrical tube. The viscosity is determined by the time taken for a ball to traverse a set distance, with additional measurements possible by inverting the tube and applying the return constant. Results are given in dynamic viscosity units (mPa·s), making it suitable for industries such as paint and coating.

These advanced viscometers from Wiggens deliver high-performance solutions for viscosity measurement, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in laboratory settings.

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