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Apr 30 2024

Are you looking for ways to elevate your lab workflow? Start by building on a detector that provides multiple attributes in one run and where software control of the LC and the advanced detector are all in one software ecosystem. Waters CorporationTM has enabled full connectivity between select liquid chromatography (LC) systems, which includes ACQUITY PremierTM, Arc PremierTM, and ArcTM Systems, and Wyatt Technology’sTM DAWN multi-angle light-scattering instruments (MALS) through an all-in-one software platform, via the launch of the latest version of HPLC CONNECTTM.

The MALS detector that provides aggregation, size, concentration, and conformation in one measure and enhance lab efficiency with HPLC Connect, seamlessly integrating LC and MALS. Save time on method development and data analysis while ensuring data integrity by consolidating analysis and collection in one platform. In 2023, we successfully integrated with Waters HPLC instruments, and in 2024, we're expanding connectivity to include UPLC and additional HPLC connections. Elevate your lab workflow with HPLC CONNECT’s Continued Development and Integration.

What were you missing?

Scientists working on complex biologics can now seamlessly define, control, and run LC methods from Waters as well as a MALS detector via the digitally integrated software, HPLC CONNECT. Users are no longer required to use two software platforms to run one sequence. HPLC CONNECT provides access to more data because previous systems were limited to one or two physical connections and is now almost limitless with the new digital connection. This is especially important for more complex samples, like protein conjugates such as antibody drug conjugates and AAVs, that benefit from multiple orthogonal detection after LC fractionation.

HPLC CONNECT enables size-exclusion chromatography MALS (SEC-MALS) applications through complete, best-in-class systems designed for method definition, digital control, and data collection. Analysis of results is managed through a tightly integrated HPLC platform, MALS instrument system, and the Wyatt ASTRATM software.

What benefit does connectivity deliver?

Users of both Waters and Wyatt tools will be able to characterize samples of complex molecules, a critical step in developing biologics, without the need to transfer methods manually from one device to another. This removes a significant amount of labor, removes opportunities for human error, and delivers an unmatched confidence in the data generated during analysis.

To produce effective biologic therapies, it is necessary to precisely analyze their properties. The benefits of adding multi-angle light scattering (MALS) in conjunction with separation technologies, such as size exclusion chromatography (SEC) and field flow fractionation (FFF), provides Comprehensive Characterization of Identity, enables absolute determination of properties such as molar mass, size, and conformation, even for complex glycosylated or conjugated species.

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