• Efficient and Accurate 2D Tube Rack Reader
    DataPaq™ Mirage 2D tube rack reader.

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Efficient and Accurate 2D Tube Rack Reader

May 17 2023

The DataPaq™ Mirage 2D tube rack reader, developed by Ziath (an Azenta Life Sciences company), has become the preferred instrument for numerous life science laboratories due to its rapid reading speed and accurate decoding capabilities. With an impressive full 96 position rack reading time of approximately 1 second, it ensures high-speed and error-free performance.

Neil Benn, Technical Director of Ziath commented: “Drawing upon our long experience of designing high performance 2D barcode readers - the Mirage employs a unique arrangement of LED lights and ‘light shelves’ to reduce internal reflection and unwanted illumination effects. This patented optical design enables the reader to decode badly printed tubes more easily as well as to discern codes that are covered in a layer of ice. By using a high intensity of light close to the tubes, but with the light shelves blocking direct illumination of the camera, a very high contrast image can be obtained enabling most manufacturers tubes to read easily and reliably. Images are only taken in monochrome which again increases the contrast and reduces the transfer and processing time enabling the Mirage to decode a full rack of 96 tunes in less than one second.”

The Mirage offers effortless setup and comes pre-calibrated and ready to scan, simplifying the process. It is compatible with all widely used standard SBS format racks, and its compact design allows for seamless integration into liquid handling platforms and automation systems. With its affordability and low profile, the Mirage serves as an ideal alternative to traditional flatbed scanners.

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