• Flexible Single Tube Reader for 2D Barcodes
    Uno single tube reader.

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Flexible Single Tube Reader for 2D Barcodes

Apr 06 2023

2D barcode reader for all tube types

Ziath's Uno is a small and versatile single tube reader equipped with a high-resolution camera and super-fast electronics, capable of reading 2D barcodes from all current tube types in the market, including 384-well tubes.

Uno offers a range of features to streamline your 2D barcoded tube sample management. With a simple tube-to-scanner window interface, the code is instantly displayed. The mineral glass scanner window ensures durability and longevity, preventing scratches and damage to the device.

The Uno single tube reader is not only affordably priced but also has an optional capability to read Brooks Acoustix™ tubes. Additionally, it can be supplied with or without optional cryoprotection to enable trouble-free scanning of tubes taken straight from cold storage. 

The Uno functions as a Microsoft Keyboard Wedge via USB 3, enabling the insertion of barcodes into any open desktop program. The enhanced drivers provide instant read readiness with no delay, and allow for camera adjustment to accommodate contrast variations between different tube manufacturers.

Ziath focuses on simplifying processes in life science organisations, including academia, biotech, and pharma industries. With a focus on laboratory automation, Ziath is known for its innovative hardware and software solutions for managing large sample libraries such as compound management and biobanking, specifically utilising 2D data matrix tubes. 

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