• High-Quality Cryogenic Storage for Valuable Samples
    High quality CryzoTraq™ 2D barcoded cryogenic storage tubes.

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High-Quality Cryogenic Storage for Valuable Samples

Jun 07 2023

Durable 2D barcoded tubes for low temperature sample storage

CryzoTraq™ tubes from Ziath are high-quality European-manufactured tubes specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of cryogenic storage, ensuring the preservation of your valuable samples and specimens. With the ability to withstand temperatures as low as minus 196°C, CryzoTraq™ tubes provide a reliable solution for safeguarding your samples in extreme cold environments

Offered in convenient 2 ml and 5 ml formats, CryzoTraq™ tubes provide flexibility for your sample storage needs. To guarantee comprehensive sample traceability, each tube features a 2D Datamatrix barcode that is ultrasonically welded into the base. This barcode is complemented by a Code 128 linear barcode and human-readable text on the tube side, ensuring easy identification and tracking. With their robust construction, these cryogenic storage tubes come with both internal and external threaded caps, ensuring seamless compatibility with a wide range of capping and decapping systems.

CryzoTraq™ tubes revolutionise sample storage with their proprietary 2-stage injection moulded cap design, eliminating the need for traditional sealing methods such as O-rings. Even in liquid nitrogen storage systems, CryzoTraq™ tubes' advanced sealing solution has been rigorously tested and proven to prevent contamination or loss of samples.

Every tube is meticulously manufactured in a European Class 7 cleanroom using medical-grade polypropylene. To further guarantee the purity of each batch, the tubes undergo beta radiation sterilisation via an electron beam. This process effectively eliminates potential biological contaminants, such as RNase, DNase, and other unwanted substances.

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